molly Attrill

MOLLY’S QUIET, CONSIDERED pots, thrown mostly on a kick wheel, represent an ancient tradition – that marriage of form and function,aesthetic quality and practical usefulness – with a modern twist.

Understatement is key. Whether she is working in terracotta with majolica decoration, sgraffito, wax resist, brushstroke, or in high-fired stoneware, her pots invite the pleasure of daily use. The quotidian – a mug, or plate designed for the table – is elevated to a thing of beauty.

The strength of her decoration lies in an economy of line, capturing the essence of observed creatures. Words also find their way onto plates and bowls, from the sonorous cadences of the Shipping Forecast to fragments of poetry.

“Clay pots have been made and decorated from the earliest times and we can glimpse not only the skills but the humour of countless unknown makers.
I love being part of that great tradition.”
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Contacting the artist

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