“A ROMANTIC SURREALIST.” Richard Cork, Art Critic.

“All my work is concerned with sea and landscapes. I am fascinated by the marks that painters and those that humans make when they work the land. The spirits of artists and land workers past and present shape my view. I work in a large scale in watercolour, oils and tempera; I use tradition as my touchstone and modernism as my flight.”

His paintings are out of the ordinary too – deliberately so. He says that you have to make them personal so he’s started putting incidents in them usually involving a figure or animals that adds to a surreal quality to the landscapes.

David recently had a one-man exhibition in Fabriano, Italy, the result of winning a competition staged by the world’s most prestigious watercolour paper producer, in a museum dedicated to equally prestigious artists.

Technique is critical to David’s aesthetic. He constantly searches for new ways to make paintings and can never quite remember his previous approach – so each painting is an act of learning to paint again.

“I don’t think they were expecting such large works – I merge two of the largest pieces of Fabriano paper and use the overlap as a shore, sometimes an horizon.”
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