Celia Wilkinson

SMILING, RELAXED AND CLEARLY at one with her surroundings, Celia’s bold representational landscapes are as much psychological as real. Moody, vibrant, bursting with energy, her paintings draw the viewer in and make them dart around over valley and nether dale.

Celia’s brushwork is deft and swift. Weather and wildness is always prominent and despite their abstraction, certain landscapes will be familiar to those who beat the same paths around Niton and the secret garden at Knighton Gorges.

These are paintings that shout joy and optimism but they are sometimes brooding too, in the tradition of the great British painters, Hitchens, Nash, Sutherland and Lanyon.

“It’s great to be amongst other professional artists as there is good creative energy here – it’s a beautiful setting to work in. I also love meeting people at the studio – they like to hear where the paintings come from. They often fall in love with them.”

Photographic portrait of Celia Wilkinson
“Make mistakes and get out of your comfort zone– but always be true.”
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Contacting the artist

Visiting the Artist at Binnel Studios is by appointment, or invitation. If you wish to get in touch with the artist use the links to send an email or visit the artist’s website, if available.

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